Live-in Concert

In the embrace of the night, prepare to be swept away by a cascade of harmonies and rhythms. Our Melody Evening is a tapestry of soul-stirring tunes, carefully curated to ignite your senses and transport you to a realm where every note carries a story, and every melody paints a picture.

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General Rules

  • Each participant should carry their respective college identity proof.
  • Participants should refrain from abusive language, obscene display and revealing costumes during the event, failing which they will go through several disciplinary actions.
  • Participants should go through the event rules and adhere to the specifics.
  • Rules are subject to changes at the discretion of the Management/Organizers
  • If any act of Violence is notified at the time of the event the participant will go through several disciplinary actions.

Musical Concert

Get ready for the unforgettable evening of musical exploration as we present Melodic Evening, a unique concert that showcases the rich tapestry of ethnic music and the esteemed presence of our distinguished guests.

Our event will transport you to a world of diverse musical traditions, with a focus on the sounds and styles of various cultures. The event will feature a fusion of music and dance that will immerse you in the vibrant atmosphere. The concert will be performed by the esteemed and sparkling “Chemmeen Band” from Kochi. Get ready to vibe with us on 16/03/2024 at KCE DHRUVA 2024.

Join us for an unforgettable evening as we welcome our renowned singer “Priya Jerson”, known for her exceptional talent and as a significant figure in Super Singer, at our concert. Experience her mesmerizing voice and be captivated by her performance!

Get ready to groove to the beats of our dynamic DJ at the concert.

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